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Logiciel de bureau pour vos caméras réseau

InstarVision est un logiciel qui vous aide à gérer facilement vos caméras. Selon la licence, vous pouvez intégrer simultanément jusqu'à 64 caméras IP. Vous pouvez également enregistrer le flux vidéo via InstarVision sous les formats différents et exécuter une détection de mouvement étendu.

Version history with features

Version 2.3
Release Notes
All executable files are now certified so they are no longer considered potentially dangerous under strict antivirus software settings.
The version is now also shown in the file details.
Under "About InstarVision" now the revision number is displayed and displayed whether it is a BETA version.
The revision number is now stored in the Windows registry and the configuration file.
The location where the configuration and log files are stored has been changed. As a result, logged-in Windows users can now use different InstarVision configurations (more details under "Fixed bugs").
The configuration file converter has been extended so that it is now possible to update directly from an older 2.x version. For example, an InstarVision 2.0 version can now be updated directly to this 2.3 version without going through the steps from 2.0 to 2.1, 2.1 to 2.2 and 2.2 to 2.3.
Fixed bugs
The software sometimes crashed after an unavailable channel was restored.
Removed the wrong "IN-4010" entry at the camera model selection box and added the entry "IN-9008 Full HD PoE"
Fixed PTZ issues for camera models "IN-4010", "IN-4010 V2" and "IN-4011". In addition, the control of the "IN-8015 Full HD" was changed from step-by-step control to control with stop command, resulting in a smoother movement when controlling with the directional pad.
An update kept the old Start Menu and Desktop Shortcuts entries. These old entries now will be deleted during an update.
Fixed a bug in the configuration file converter that could cause the backup file to be named incorrectly.
In case of missing write permissions to the installation directory, despite of a valid license codes, it was still queried again and again and so the InstarVision could not be started or used. This can no longer happen now because the location where the configuration and log file are saved has been changed to a user-specific folder "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\InstarVision“ on which write access exists by default. Running the software as an administrator during a standard installation under "Program Files (x86)" is therefore no longer necessary.

Version 2.4 BETA
Release Notes
If a camera is unreachable, an error message will now be displayed in the middle of the video, indicating why the connection can not be established.
If the "program is locked" (click on lock icon) and no software login was previously activated or you are logged in with a user with the name "admin", then the standard login data ("admin", "instar") will be pre-filled, so that you can immediately unlock the software by clicking on "Ok", if you accidentally clicked on it.
The configuration of a schedule has been completely redesigned. So you can configure these now, like the schedules of an instar camera. For the "Continuous recording", the "Alarm recording" and the "Photoseries" there is now a table in which for each day of the week an arbitrary time range can be selected by 15 min sections. It is now easy to determine at a glance when recordings are taken and when not. Whether recordings are made for the currently selected channel can be set with the check mark "Activate recording".
In a photo series, the FTP upload worked so far only if it was also locally saved. This coupling has now been lifted.
Added the new camera models "IN-9020 Full HD" and "IN-8003 Full HD" to the list of selectable cameras. In addition, the entry for the models "IN-8015 Full HD" and "IN-9008 Full HD" was split into two separate entries.
If a video channel whose camera has no PTZ function is selected, "PTZ Camera" will now "No PTZ available." displayed.
Under "Camera PTZ" buttons for manual focusing have been added for the "IN-9020 Full HD". Although the focus is automatically readjusted after zooming in or out, it can now be readjusted using the "+" and "-" buttons as in the camera web interface. In addition, two new menu items for "in-focus" and "out-focus" will now also be added to the global "Pan & Tilt" menu (Citizen icon) if "IN-9020 Full HD" is selected in the video display.
The CPU load with activated alarm detection was significantly reduced per channel, so that it only needs a few percent more compared to the load without alarm detection.
The CPU load when previewing the alarm detection has been reduced.
The preview of the alarm detection has been improved so that now, with overlapping areas, the motion pixels are displayed in the color of the area at which a motion was detected at last. The order is R1, R2, R3 and then R4. This allows you to see which parts in the overlap have been detected by which setting. Previously, the motion pixels were always displayed in the color of the first area, even if the movement was detected by the setting of another overlapping area.
The expired certificate in the signature of the software has been renewed.
Fixed bugs
The audio of a continuous recording was not stored properly for some time, so that after a few recordings the audio sounds only very distorted. This bug has been fixed now.
#521 Already fixed but no longer working after the changes to the 2.3 beta.
The InstarPlayer does not start by default with the selected recording path if it was started from the InstarVision.
The robber icon, which appears above the video display of a channel and allows the InstarVision's motion detection to be turned on and off, did not work. This bug has now been fixed.
Fixed a bug where if a wrong password was entered when logging on a user, it could happen that the resulting error message was displayed twice in succession.
Under the alarm recording settings, the text "Starte Programm bei Alarm" has not been fully displayed.
The IR LED status of a channel, which can be displayed above the video display and switched with a click on the camera, does not work. This bug has now been fixed.
It has been possible for a logged in user who did not have the right to watch a video channel to watch it through stopping and starting. This is no longer possible.
Previously, it was possible for a user who was not an administrator but had the system right to disable the software login. After deactivation and restart it could then change all user rights. This is no longer possible because the software login setting now is greyed out in this case.
The identifiers of the buttons under "User" did not have a German translations.
Fixed a bug that could cause cameras from other manufacturers to not be able to integrate them via the JPEG mode.

Version 2.2
Release Notes
Integration of the Instar Full HD camera models IN-8015 Full HD and IN-9008 Full HD
Integration of the in-house P2P solution
Revision of motion detection
Update process for new versions (through the installer)
Added link to user manual
Fixed Bugs
Corrected spelling errors and renamed texts to increase understanding.
The buttons for registration are now always displayed under "Extended-> License" (not only for license changes)
The "Email Registration" and "Generate ID" buttons were reversed in their function.
Problems with changing and displaying Instar VGA and HD picture settings when switching channels have been fixed.
Problems with setting changes when using P2P cameras have been fixed.
The crash when recording when the recording path contains umlauts or other special characters has been fixed.
If unsupported channel bindings are selected, e.g. P2P no longer crashes the software when HTML5 is selected in the web client.

Version 2.1 BETA
Release Notes
Revised motion detection
FTPS support for alarm uploads
Integration of the new 720p camera models
Move the video channels by Drag&Drop

Version 2.0
Release Notes
Restrict the motion detection area
Access to InstarVision over the Internet
Streaming in many different formats
User management with defined sharing of cameras

Version 1.3
Release Notes
Definition of 64 areas for motion detection
Motion detection for each channel
Recording detection before movement
Recording in different recording formats

Version 1.2
Release Notes
New user interface
User management with permission for each camera
Recording BEFORE moving with an alarm
Supports up to 32 network cameras

Obsolescent Versions